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How to use Event Logs to debug excessive API requests into your Salesforce instance?

Have you ever received an API usage notification email indicating that you've surpassed 75 percent of the available API call threshold? Or perhaps you've faced a situation where the API limits were entirely exceeded, causing the API to cease functioning, and you were unsure about how to proceed with an investigation? Mulesoft logs didn’t help Something similar happened on my previous project. I promptly contacted our Mulesoft team, who were responsible for integrations, and assigned them the task of examining the logs and dashboards to identify the source of this additional load. After several hours of investigation, I hadn't received any conclusive findings. The response was, "There is no unusual traffic. We don't observe any extra requests being generated by Mulesoft." While the absence of abnormal activities tends to be a good thing, in that case problem was still there, but very well hidden. Event Monitoring Luckily, Salesforce offers a built-in sum

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