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How to create Histogram in CRM Analytics

Salesforce CRM Analytics unfortunately doesn't provide a histogram widget out of the box. However, it is possible to use column chart to achieve acceptable results. Additionally, I will explain how to calculate the average price per Product and country, or per Product and Account . For how much are we actually selling? It is not uncommon to offer a discount to a potential client in order to win an Opportunity . When doing so, sales managers are interested in seeing the actual prices at which products are sold as well as the average price of the product sold in the country and to the same client in the past. To be able to follow the steps below, you need to have Salesforce CPQ installed on your org. Average price per country Let’s start with calculating average price. For this we will use Net Value on the Quote Line related to Accepted Quotes . First, we will prepare the Quote Lines . Open Data Manager and add following objects to Connections : Ac

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