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Apex switch statement under the microscope

It is almost 18 months since Salesforce finally introduced one of the most eagerly anticipated features for Apex - switch statement . Does it even make sense to comment it today? I can only guess it was because of general familiarity with the switch statement , good documentation or simply happiness over surprising birth of a son you stopped dreaming about years ago, but no one has ever questioned it ! Why do we love switch statements ? We've had switch statements in other programming languages since the dawn of time and if not, it was definitely long before I was born. Therefore reasons to use switch statements over if and if else statements are also clear and kind of indisputable. It is preferable to use switch , if you can agree with following statements in your programming language and of course specific situation you are in: Code is easier to read and therefore it is easier to understand and maintain Code is easier to debug Code is faster to execute

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