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How to manage multi-currency in Salesforce CRM Analytics

While multi-currency support in Salesforce is very robust, CRM Analytics doesn't support multi-currency whatsoever. In the following article, I will explain how to display amounts in the corporate currency, record currency, user currency, as well as to implement currency picker that recalculates amounts based on user selection . For the purpose of this demonstration, I have set EUR as the corporate currency, activated multi-currency (both in Setup -> Company Information) , and added CZK to the list of active currencies (Setup -> Manage Currencies) . Advanced Currency Management is turned off ( Dated Exchange Dates are not considered). Default behavior Let's start with a description of what's going to happen with currency-type fields in CRM Analytics if we don’t make any modifications. When CRM Analytics accesses the data, it always happens in the context of Analytics Integration User . As a result, the sync converts all of the currency-type fields into

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