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Dynamic Forms on Salesforce Standard Objects

In the latest release Salesforce finally let us to migrate fields and sections from page layout to any place on the record page as individual components. This of course means, that you can set visibility of those fields and sections individually. Unfortunately it all works on Custom Objects only… Or not? Though Dynamic Forms really work just on Custom Objects, I will show you easy workaround for Standard Objects . In the tutorial we will display Shipping Address on Account in the right region aside from the rest of the record. To accomplish this we will use Lightning App Builder to create new Record Page for Contact object and quick action to create custom section layout . For this interesting idea I would like to thank my colleague Emma Peeters , who introduced the workaround on my recent project. Update Account page layout First we will remove the Shipping Address Section from Page Layout on Account Object . Go to Object Manager → Account → Page Layouts → Account L

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