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How to visualize months as names in CRM Analytics

It is sometimes desirable to display month names instead of month numbers in your charts. Month numbers can be especially confusing when you are using fiscal years. For example "2024-01" ... Is it January? Or is it July, when the company= fiscal year starts? As obvious as it sounds, it is not easy to achieve this in Salesforce CRM Analytics . There are two ways to achieve this: using a recipe or employing SAQL (Salesforce Analytics Query Language) . Two ways to skin a cat To showcase both techniques we will visualize Opportunity expected amounts grouped by year and month. In the first method we will use a recipe to create an extra field with a month name . In the second method we will include case method into the query itself . Recipe We require data from Opportunity object , specifically Close Date and Expected Amount fields. Create a Connection and synchronize the data. Create a new Recipe with Opportunity connected dataset as an input. Add a transfor

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